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  • Getting Started Video

    You can download a local copy of the video from here.

    A copy of the Box Parasolid model is here.

  • Getting Started Guide

    The Getting Started Guide is below - you can also view and download it within the viewer below using the approriate icon.

  • "How To" Videos

    If you want to learn how to prepare Clamp models for use inside Nucleo, please watch the two short videos below (detailing a few different methods):

    Below, a short video explaining how to use Clamp models inside Nucleo:

    Here's a video on how to use the advanced function for creating custom boundaries:

    How to create swept custom boundaries:

    This video shows a quick example of direct editing:

    This video shows an example on how to split a base plate or blade after creation:

    If you would like to add your own logo to the NUCLEO base-plate, the video below outlines the method:

    Here's a video on how to remove gripper points in certain blade edge detail places:

  • What To Know

    Cutting your first fixture involves considering several variables and factors to achieve success. We’ve outlined the process below - it serves as a good foundation towards making the learning curve as short as possible. You can download a copy of this PDF using the appropriate icon in the viewer.

  • Downloads

    Download the latest copy of OPTICAM Classic V8 NUCLEO Fixture here.

    Download the CodeMeter Installation (dongle manager) here and the Virtual Dongle packet file here. This is used to create a temporary license.

    The latest patches are available here. The ZIP file should be unzipped into the pertinent OPTICAM Classic Folder, for example:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\OPTICAM_ClassicV8.0

    ... overwriting existing folders and files. You may need Administrator rights to perform this task. 

  • Network Licensing

    A PDF outlining the installation of a Network License is shown below.

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